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The Mechatronics Lab has tackled a wide range of projects, however it focuses on applied autonomy and pediatric medical devices. There are many on going projects being conducted by the 40+ graduate and undergraduate students with a range of research partners. There are two sections in our lab: Applied Autonomy and the Pediatric Medical Device Institute (PMDI).

Applied Autonomy

The Applied Autonomy section focuses on the use of robotics in the real world to accomplish important or dangerous tasks that a human cannot or should not do. All aspects of autonomy and supporting systems are addressed in our lab, such as vehicle drive-by-wire conversion, localization, path planning, and perception and sensing. For a list of the projects in the Applied Autonomy section of our lab, click on the Applied Autonomy page in the navigation bar.

    Image of GUSS

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PMDI at the Mechatronics Lab

The Pediatric Medical Devices Institute focueses on the research and development of novel sensors and techniques for pediatrics. Partnered with the Carillion Clinic in Roanoake, VA, we work with medical professionals to identify areas of need in pediatrics that could be improved with new devices. We have investigated topics such as detecting Cerebral Palsy in infants, monitoring the breathing of infants with tracheostomy tubes, and an automatic oxygen delivery system for infants. For a list of the projects in PMDI, click the PMDI link in the navigation bar.

    Image of the PMDI Automatic Oxygen Delivery System


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